Intuition Interruptis

Intuition Interruptus – Ignoring our Inner Voice

Our intuition, our gut feelings, are there for a reason. But what happens when we ignore them, when we push that insistent voice aside? That’s when we come down with a good case of Intuition Interruptus , ignoring our inner voice.

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Each and every day it is there, calling to us. It pokes and prods us to listen and to pay attention to its messages. Our intuition, our gut feelings, are there for a reason. But what happens when we ignore them, when we push that insistent voice aside? That’s when we come down with a good case of Intuition Interruptus , ignoring our inner voice.

As an intuitive tarot reader and psychic my inner voice is quite loud and insistent. But there have been times when I’ve chosen to ignore the voice – with challenging, and sometimes dire, consequences. For a psychic, Intuition Interruptus is like an artist getting carpal tunnel syndrome. Yes, we can continue our work – for a while – but eventually we have to listen to what our pain (or intuition) is telling us and address the issues.

Our inner voice is there as our helpmate, our guide. When we ignore it we can lose our way, get off track, and sometimes, make mistakes that last a lifetime. So why don’t we listen? Why do we push our partner aside?

Common Reasons for Intuition Interruptus

In my experience counseling others, I have found that the most common reason for Intuition Interruptus is t pressure from outside sources. These sources could include peer pressure, wanting to conform to societal norms, or trying to please a loved one. While none of these things is wrong, per se, if your gut, your intuition is telling you something different – listen. It may ruffle a few feathers now, but you need to remember to do what is right and correct for you.

Secondly, we ignore our intuition because we have not yet learned to trust ourselves. Taking the time to really listen to our instincts, to quiet the outside influences and hone in on our feelings, can be scary. Most of us are not raised to trust ourselves, our inner voices. We are bombarded by societal rules, by familial expectations and wanting to” fit in.” Listening to that pull in the gut, to the insistent voice that is telling you “no” when everyone else says “yes”, can be daunting. However, the more you listen, the more you will realize that your intuition is on your side. It is giving you the tools, the power, to make the decisions that will place you on the path that is right for you at this time.

The Consequences of Ignoring our Intuition

As with all incorrect decisions in life, ignoring your intuition comes with consequences. From tiny detours on your path to full out catastrophes, our choice to move away from our intuition will have life altering effects.

Intuition Interruptus - thought bubble saying trust your gut

As an example, as a young fledgling witch I chose to attend a meeting for the start of a new circle. As I pulled up to the house, my first instinct was to leave, to get away. I put this feeling down to nerves and went in anyway. While we were introducing ourselves, our hostess proclaimed, “Just so you know, I am a bitch and it IS all about me.” We all laughed, not realizing at the time she was telling us the absolute truth.

Long story short, I stuck with this group, which morphed into a fabulous coven (with a ton of hard work). There were many times that she showed us her true colors, proving she was exactly who she said she was. But the work, and the coven, were so important to me that I ignored my inner voice. Five years down the line, after a particularly difficult meeting, I was done. I realized that I could no longer work with this individual. There was a horrible blow up. I left the coven I had built from the ground up, and handed everything to her just to get myself out of there. I learned a lot during that time, but had I listened to my intuition, I would not have the heartache I have today.

This situation had life-altering effects for me. Afterwards, I suffered from lack of trust, grief, and self-doubt. I could have accomplished all I did without her, and I have done so since. Yet my failure in listening to my instincts haunt me to this day.

Making Your Intuition a Priority

It is important to make listening to your intuition, your gut, a priority. But when, how? Start now, right this moment. Is there a decision you have been trying to make regarding your life? Write it down. Look at the words on the page, then close your eyes. What just popped into your head? That is your gut, your intuition talking to you. Make a choice to pay attention.

As you go out and about your day, and the next, and the next, listen. Allow your senses, your body, to give you the information you need. If your gut tugs at you to walk down the side street that goes two blocks out of your way, do it. There is a reason you are being prompted to do this. Perhaps you are introduced to someone new at work and your first instinct is to get away from them. Do so. Extricate yourself as graciously as possible, but run. Trust in your intuition, your soul, and act accordingly.

The more you allow yourself to listen, feel and act upon your intuition, the more your life will change. Empower and infuse your life by accepting that you, and you alone, really know what is best for you. When intuition speaks, when it pulls at your gut or sends shivers down your spine, take heed and act accordingly. Make Intuition Interruptus a thing of the past and move forward confidently into the future.

Blessed Be!

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