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Creating Candy Cane Magick


A Triune Moon Magickal Moment

Did you know that candy canes made with real peppermint have the same magickal properties as using the essential oil or herbs? Join us in creating your own candy cane magick this Yuletide season. Check out some ways to do so below.

This season add in some magick for good health and healing by empowering a candy cane with these properties. Swirl the candy cane clockwise in your cocoa or tea while envisioning good health and healing energies infusing your drink.

Use a candy cane to swirl in some healing magick into your cocoa.

Need some extra love added to your life? Peppermint’s association with the Goddess Venus makes it an excellent choice for love magick. This season wrap a red ribbon around a candy cane, chanting for love (romantic, self-love, or love in general) while tying the ribbon. Place on your tree or hang in your window to infuse the upcoming year with love.

Wrap a red ribbon around a candy cane to bring love into your new year.

Feeling run down, tired and your magick feeling on the fritz? Need a power boost? Take peppermint essential oil and rub it on a candy cane. As you add a more potent and powerful scent to the candy cane, envision your own power gaining in strength and magnitude. Place the candy cane on your altar and inhale its scent several times a day until you feel your energy and strength have returned.

Use the scent of peppermint oil and candy cane magick to give yourself a magickal power boost.

Create your own Holiday Magick!

Have fun creating your own holiday magick while enjoying the taste of a delicious treat. Eating a candy cane is not only tasty but if you infuse it with peace, love and light, you will be ingesting those attributes as well.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Blessed Be!

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