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Rainwater Magick


A Triune Moon Magickal Moment

In this week’s Magickal Moment, enjoy some water magick by capturing rainwater during different phases of the moon. Each moon phase adds specific properties allowing you to use this liquid blessing in your spells and workings.  

Crystal bowl with filled with rainwater magick!

Waxing Moon: Blessings, new beginnings, increase magicks.

Full Moon: Purification, cleansing magickal tools, divination.

Waning Moon: Purging negativity, getting rid of bad habits.

Dark Moon:  Banishing, ridding yourself of unwanted people or things.

New Moon:  Starting new projects, creation magicks.

Nature has a way of providing us with Magick, each and every day.

Terry Lynn Pellegrini – Triune Moon

Once your rainwater has been gathered you may use as is, or if you live in a heavily polluted area, you can purify the water.  Run your water through a charcoal filter or boil to take out any microbes, pollution and other impurities. I’ve used a store bought filter and pitcher to clear my rainwater of any gunk it may have collected on the way down. 

Store your rainwater in jars or bottles with tight lids.  Place in a cool, dark place to avoid any evaporation.

Check back each Monday for a new Magickal Moment!

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