It’s All Intentional

Full or new moon? No matter what the lunar cycle, remember. It’s All Intentional


There will be a beautiful full moon shining upon my home tonight and I have been busily making preparations.  My crystals are ready, I’ve checked the weather to make sure if I place my tarot decks outside there will be no chance of them getting wet and ruined.  My crystal ball is looking forward to soaking in some energy and I’ve a bowl of clear water waiting to gather the full moon rays.  Last, but not least, I’ve sat down and written my intentions for this lunar cycle.

Okay, I’m already feeling some of you cringing.  Isn’t the new moon the traditional time to set intentions?  I suppose for many it is.  In one circle I worked with we only set intentions by the new moon, in another it was during the time of the full moon.  Is either time better than the other?   Magickally, does it make a difference?  Let’s explore the differences in setting intentions during the new or full moon cycles.

During the new moon cycle we emphasize growth and forward movement.  The intentions we set at this time traditionally involve those things you wish to grow, cultivate, and multiply in your life.  Intentions for increased prosperity, health, and well-being are well suited to the energies of the waxing moon. These intentions are usually those we wish to manifest quickly, our need is great and time is of the essence. Personally I’ve set intentions during the new moon for assistance in increasing my resolve during times of crisis and for cultivating and growing my knowledge for a class or workshop I’m facilitating, but any intention that reaches for something greater and is time sensitive is perfect during this lunation.  These intentions are best sent to the Universe by written word on parchment, then you burn the paper, sending your intentions outward through the smoke and ash. As the light of the moon becomes stronger and brighter, the manifestation of your intentions also gain strength until they bloom into fruition at the full moon.

Intentions set during the full moon are those that compliment the energies of the moon at its zenith.  These intentions require more time and greater energy to become, to create, and be fulfilled. These intentions are sent towards manifestation during the night of the full moon, then germinate slowly as the moon wanes.  Then, tucked deep into the shadows, they begin their slow descent towards the light, inching their way skyward until the light of the next full moon finds them waving happily at the moonbeams, fully manifested and ready for harvest.

The difference between the intentions at new versus full moon is that during the full moon you set your intentions for life altering events, new jobs,  a new home, changes to your lifestyle, anything that requires total conviction.  Remember, these are not quick fix intentions, these are the type that take time, patience and focused will. Since they require time and focus, instead of giving our intentions to flame and smoke, we place our written intentions were we can see them daily, perhaps on an altar, shrine or even on your bathroom mirror, anywhere you will see them each and everyday.  When the next full moon appears, we then consign our words to the Gods, burning them in our cauldrons or fire pits, freeing the energies we’ve placed in them all month.

Whether done during the new or full moon, remember that your intention must be crystal clear.  No wishy-washy wording or out of focus requests folks.  Be specific! The Universe can only give you what you ask for. If it can’t understand the request, it will answer but it will more than likely be unrecognizable from your request.  If you intend to procure a new job by next full moon, write the intention for the job you actually want.  If your intention is to be an accountant but you write your intention for “a good job” then don’t be surprised when the only offer you receive is for a greeter at Wal-Mart (Hey, some people think this is a great job!) You get the idea, be specific, ask for exactly what you need.

Remember, it’s all intentional, new or full moon though it may be. I’ve shared with you the reasons why I use both these lunar cycles for setting my intentions, but again, these correspondences and energies are mine. As with all magick and Witchcraft, you need to choose whatever works best for you. Whether you set your intentions by the new or full moons is your choice. They each have their own unique energies, just like you.  Use those energies in the way that makes you feel empowered, don’t be hung up so much on what is “correct”. Get out there, dance in the moonlight and make your magick.  I’ll be out there with you, dancing my own dance, setting my intentions and making my own brand of magick.

Blessed Be!





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