How Many Wards does a Good Witch Need?

How many wards does a good witch need if a good witch did need wards? You may be surprised.

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Recently I had a discussion with my husband about placing some extra wards around our home. There has been a noticeable uptick of break-ins, car thefts and some generalized crazy goings on in the neighborhood lately so it seemed like a good idea.  This entire conversation is taking place as my husband is putting up a new camera system around our home, complete with an app that lets you see everything on your cell phone or computer monitor.  As we talked I began thinking, how many wards does a good witch need if a good witch did need wards?

For the newbie witches and magickal practitioners out there, wards are barriers of protection placed around a space.  These barriers can be energetic, such as visualizing a hedgerow of thorns or a big bubble around your home, or they can be physical.  Witch jars, statues and plaques that have been created as guardians, circles of salt (Be careful, I’ve seen entire gardens die because of too much salt sprinkled about), can be included as physical wards. Once you have been taught how to create your own personal protection, your shields, one is usually then instructed how to protect one’s home and property.  But how much is too much?

Sure, we all want to feel safe and secure in our homes, our workplaces and even our vehicles.  As witches and magickal practitioners we can use our skills to create that space.  But sometimes, we can overdo it. For example, when I was just a newbie myself I placed a beautiful big bubble entirely around my home.  Nothing was getting through that sucker, I made sure of it.  Problem was, the cell signal and internet also wouldn’t come through.  Even the cable TV was having issues.  When you have a husband who can’t watch his baseball (Go Giants!) or young ones that can’t play their favorite games, you have an issue. It took my son to figure out that Mom needed to poke a hole in the bubble to let the signals in. Sure enough, once I did things worked great.  One example of “too much” in the wards department.

Another example is your choice of words, be they chants, spells or an inscription on an empowered plaque or statue, that are used to create or seal your wards.  If you are giving your wards the verbal instructions “to keep all away from my home” then realize you haven’t had visitors in quite some time, you may have inadvertently warded everyone away, not just those with harmful intent.  While we may wish to keep away certain annoying, but not bad people (solicitors and those cute little kids selling more chocolate), what we say when placing our wards must be specific.  We are looking to keep those people and things that wish to cause us harm, both physically and energetically, away from our property and persons, not the entire neighborhood or Universe. Wards should be strong enough to keep the bad stuff away but allow the good to come in.

Finally, there are the multi-layered wards.  While it’s great to be proactive and want to account for any contingency, a multi-layered ward can often be, plain and simply, overkill.  Unless you are adept at creating thought forms to patrol your property, coupled with a layer of physical wards, i.e. crystals and witch jars, then another layer of energetic wards, you may actually be cancelling out all of your efforts.  Layering is tricky.  As mentioned earlier, you want the good, positive, people and energies to be able to get in while keeping the harmful out.  Unless each layer is programmed correctly, their energies will clash, collide, and then boom!  Down they come and all that work would be for naught.

How can we create wards that are just right and not too much?  Practice, trial and error, and good old intuition.  Witchcraft and magick of all kinds is a practice first and foremost.  We take what we have learned and practice, practice, practice, until we have perfected, become adept, at what we do. This includes our warding.  Start basic, perhaps a crystal at each corner of your property. Feel it out.  Does it seem to be working?  How do I feel when I am in my home?  Do I feel anxious or do I feel secure?  If you feel the former, something stronger may be in order.  The latter, you’ve succeeded in placing the proper wards for your home.  Remember, moderation in all things, including warding.  It’s best to start small and build up than begin with a major working only to have it backfire on you, or fall flat and discourage you from trying again. 

So, how many wards does a good witch need if a good witch did need wards?  A ward is only as good as a good witch makes it when a good witch places those wards.  Say that 10 times fast.

Blessed Be!



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