Searching For My “Ducks”

Join me in discovering all we can all learn about ourselves and our lives by listening to our dreams.

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ducks-in-a-row 2aWe all dream. Some dreams are just random meanderings through our psyches that fade quickly when we awaken.  Others follow you, nudging at our waking consciousness, trying to get our attention. We attempt to quiet their voices, subtle or not, because we haven’t time or we refuse to believe they have meaning. Yet they persist, poking at us, yanking at our psychic chains. We have two choices, to listen or to ignore them until they fade into the ether. I have always chosen to listen to my dreams.

Listening isn’t always easy.  Our lives are crazy busy, full of distractions and obligations. When we do take the time to listen to our dreams, to truly understand them, something miraculous happens.  We blossom.  Life falls into place. We begin to understand our place in the Universe, in the grand scheme of things.  We see the signs all around us whether conscious or unconscious. These signs, are the gentle prods from Spirit that show us where we need to be, what are true goals and aspirations are, how to improve ourselves physically and mentally.  Are all our dreams filled with information and direction?  No, sometimes a dream is just that, a dream, a subconscious romp on the wild side.  But with patience, we can begin to learn the differences, subtle though they may be.

As an example, I recently had a dream that upon awakening fought for my full attention.  Because it refused to fade, I knew I needed to write it down while it was still fresh for it obviously has something to tell me. I did so and proceeded to go about my busy day. My subconscious, however, had other ideas. This dream kept crowding any quiet moment I had, swimming its way through the muck in my brain, surfacing and waving its ethereal hands at me.  “Hello”, it seemed to say, “Remember me?  You need me!” Finally home, I sat down, pulled out the small scrap of paper I had jotted the dream down on and gave it my full attention.

In this dream I had a small flock of ducklings.  I cared for them deeply, worried about their welfare.  I recall that it had gotten chilly outside so I placed my fluffy ducklings in tiny little coats, well more like little plaid vests (not sure why plaid, bad fashion choice?), carefully making sure not to injure their tiny wings as I wrapped them in warmth. I fed them, gave them water and a small pool to swim in.  But they left me and wandered away. I was heartbroken and ran to look for them.   I searched high and low, calling to them to come home to me.  I wept, feeling a profound sadness at their disappearance and a soul wrenching loss I couldn’t explain. I looked all around the neighborhood, not resting, just searching or my ducks. Finally, I find them, all grown up and swimming in  someone else’s pond.  It took everything  had in me to coax them out of that pond.  I promised to pay more attention to them, to take them out and play with them more often. I promised to never leave them to their own devices again, but to keep them forever by my side. Then I awoke, the dream fresh in my memory.

What did all this mean to me? What possible purpose could a silly dream about ducks have? It took some quiet thought and meditation but I came to the conclusion that the ducks were my dreams and aspirations, crying for my attention. I’ve chosen to “dress” them in unnecessary clothing, keeping them warm but never truly allowing them the freedom of just being a “duck”.  So they escape, running towards someone or something that will truly appreciate their gifts and allow them to grow. I look for them, running up and down my neighborhood, finally feeling the loss of their potential.  When I do find them, in someone else’s pond, I am bereft. Why did they leave me? What is it about this pond that makes then want to be here?  I call to them, once, twice, three times and then they finally respond to my call. This is my subconscious telling me that I have but to call and my dreams will become realities. Finally, they return home with me when I promise to “keep my ducks in a row”, that is, pay attention to them, nurture them,  so that the duckling dreams and aspirations may mature and grow into strong, fully-realized, ducks.

As silly as that dream may have been, as bizarre as it may seem, that dream held a lesson I needed.  It became my teacher, my gentle ( or not so gentle) subconscious prod to get up and get things done. So when next you dream and that dream hangs on, sticks in your mind and refuses to quiet no matter how hard you try to ignore it, listen. Perhaps its telling you its time to get your ducks in a row and follow your dreams.



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