Kern County Pagan Festival: A Review

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I haven’t posted any reviews on this blog before.  Reviews were not on my list of things to write about. However, I felt compelled to write about the pagan festival I was at last weekend.

I first became aware of the Kern County Pagan Festival from Ellen Dugan’s page.  It was the first time that I could recall that she would be appearing at a festival in California. I was thrilled, as I had never had the opportunity to hear her speak before.  Yes, it was a three hour drive for me to Bakersfield but I thought it could be quite the adventure.

Somehow I talked the hubby into accompanying me to the event  His only condition in attending the festival was that I purchase a “muggle” shirt for him to wear.  Done!  Tickets in hand we traveled to Bakersfield.

I had no idea when we first entered the Enchanted Cottage, the venue for the festival, that this was their inaugural event. Everything seemed well organized, the staff was extremely friendly and I felt welcome from the moment I entered the big white tent set up in their back parking lot. The shop itself was cozy and there were treasures in every corner.  It was an intimate setting and I was able to meet Ellen, talk with my former Grey School headmaster, Oberon Zell and chat with Selena Fox.  Score one for the festival.

While the festival did get a bit of a late start (Pagan Standard Time was well observed), the lectures were well timed and informative, the vendors were friendly and reasonably priced, the food tasty and every one seemed to truly enjoy themselves.

Kudos to Stan and Bruce from the Enchanted Cottage and to all the staff that helped to make this such a wonderful event.  I will be back next year and recommending both the festival and the wonderful store to friends and family.

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